Choose Roofing That Reflects Light and Heat

We can complete a flat roof installation in the Northridge, Tarzana, & Encino, CA areas

Installing a new roof is an opportunity to boost your building's energy efficiency, lowering your energy expenses and reducing your environmental impact in the process. You can choose flat roof installation services from Samson Roofing and Construction in Northridge, Tarzana, Encino, CA, or any surrounding area.

We'll add a flat roof to your home or place of business that:

  • Reflects heat during the summer
  • Helps you stay warm in the winter
  • Serves as an additional floor for an outdoor space

You can mount air conditioning units on your roof or create a rooftop garden. For a free estimate on a flat roof replacement or installation project, contact us today.

Learn about working with our team

When you hire our flat roof installation crew, we'll remove any worn-out wood that remains beneath your roofing system. We'll use high-quality materials to install a roof, then apply a white silicone coating to enhance its reflective ability. Reach out to us now to plan a flat roof replacement project.